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Moreno Shoulder Girding Process

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  • Moreno Shoulder Girding Process

    This new shoulder girding process is done by using a thick
    weightlifter type knee wrap.
    1. Put knee wrap along back.
    2. Flip right end forward over right shoulder.
    a. Wrap right end under armpit and around shoulder.
    3. Flip left end back over shoulder and bring under armpit.
    4. Two ends should now be in front of body with a band from the left end
    crossing the body. Tie a knot around this band and use carboard under
    the armpit to help bloodflow.
    5. A three pronged or five pronged buckle can be used to secure and

    Keep the straps flat so blood circulation is fine.
    Should increase bench press poundage considerably.
    Fine for those with shoulder size difference or rotator cuff strain.
    Should be mobile enough for most sports: weightlifting, football,
    basketball, etc.
    Let me know if you're going to implement it.
    Rodolfo V. Moreno