>Dear friends,
>About a week ago I responded to a post requesting information on
>3D-reconstruction techniques. Unfortunately, I posted an incorrect Web
>address for Dynamic Computer Resources, a company selling a system that
>converts Magnetic Resonance Images into 3D reconstructions within Ideas CAD
>system running on a Silicon Graphic Workstation.
>I am sorry for the inaccurate information, here is the correct web address:
> http://www.primenet.com/~DCR_INC/
>The phone number is (909)305-1055 (909)305-0455(fax) Regan Kee is the GM.
>Hope this helps. sorry again for the mistake.
>Micah Forstein MS.
>Motion Lab Engineer
>Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
>(213) 669-4120

use lower case http://www.primenet.com/~dcr_inc/