Sorry to bother everyone about something trivial but I have been trying to
find a listing of gait labs (clinical and/or research) in the United States.
I am a graduate student in biomechanics and will be finishing my thesis this
semester. I am interested in job oppurtunities in biomechanics,
specifically gait labs or sports medicine clinics, for a master's entry
level position. I have logged many hours on the internet and in the library
trying to find gait labs around the country. I have found several but I'm
sure there are quite a few more. If anyone has info about a database or
list of gait labs I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance and I will post
any replies.

Kevin R. Ford, BS
Biodynamics Group
Wenner Gren Center for Biomedical Engineering
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky
(606) 257-4664