Dear Biomch-l subscribers:

This is just a short announcement that KineMat (set of MATLAB
function files for three-dimensional kinematic analyses) was
uploaded to the ISB home page. The KineMat Matlab files can be
used for two purposes:

(1) 3D Reconstruction:
Reconstruction of the three-dimensional position of markers seen in two
or more cameras based on the direct linear transformation (DLT).

(2) Motion Analysis:
Calculation of transformation matrices, Cardan angles, finite
helical axes descriptors.

KineMat can be downloaded free of charge, however KineMat is
_not_ supported. Demo files are also included and all m-files
contain detailed descriptions.

KineMat can be found at:

We hope that these m-files will be useful for the biomechanics

The KineMat authors
Christoph Reinschmidt and Ton van den Bogert
Human Performance Laboratory
The University of Calgary