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    Ergonomics Australia On-Line

    Announcement & Invitation to Contribute

    Ergonomics Australia is the official journal of the Ergonomics Society of
    Australia Inc., a federated society of the International Ergonomics
    Association. The primary role of the journal in the past has to provide the
    means of communication between the society and its members. In 1997 this
    role, and the intended audience, is to be expanded through simultaneous and
    parallel publication of a hypertext edition - Ergonomics Australia On-line.
    This edition will utilise the potential of the internet to enable the rapid
    dissemination of information related to Ergonomics in a forum comparable to
    conventional conference.

    Access to Ergonomics Australia On-Line will be provided free of charge as
    a service to the international community of ergonomists, and related
    professions, and all are invited to take advantage of this offer. A table
    of contents for each bi-monthly issue will be emailed to relevant list
    servers and interested persons; if you wish to be added to this list please
    send email to

    The international community is also invited to submit contributions for
    publication in Ergonomics Australia On-Line , subject to a (rapid) review
    process. Reports of basic or applied research are welcomed, but other
    material which does not readily find outlet in archival journals is
    especially encouraged. Suitable items would include critical reviews of
    literature, case studies, teaching materials, work in progress, and items
    of anecdotal, speculative, controversial, or even polemic character.
    Anything related to ergonomics/human factors in the broadest sense will be
    considered. Prospective authors are invited to discuss their proposed
    submission with the editor (contact details below).

    One aim of the journal is to allow opportunity for authors to receive
    feedback, either privately or publicly, and to stimulate discussion and
    debate, which can take place in the form of letters and responses linked to
    the hypertext edition. Hypertext also has the advantage of allowing
    incorporation of graphics, or (low quality) video. Graduate students in
    particular, especially those for whom attendance at international
    conferences is expensive, may find this a cost-effective way of
    publicising their work.

    Please note that, although submissions will be reviewed by an editorial
    board for suitability, the intention is not to provide a substitute for
    publication in peer reviewed archival journals. Publication in Ergonomics
    Australia On-Line should not preclude submission to such journals, but
    rather is a complementary medium equivalent to publication in conference
    proceedings with limited availability. The primary advantage of this medium
    is speed. An editorial decision will be provided within 3 weeks of receipt,
    and publication within 2 months of acceptance.

    Submission may occur in a variety of ways. Authors conversant with
    hypertext markup language may prefer to send final html files, otherwise
    documents saved as Rich Text Format are preferred, although any common
    format should be fine. Files should be sent as an attachment to email, or
    copied to 3.5" floppy and sent by post (provide an email address for reply
    if possible please).

    All submissions, proposals, expressions of interest, (or offers to edit a
    special issue!), should be sent to the Editor:

    Robin Burgess-Limerick PhD
    fax +61 7 3379 3545 or +61 3365 6877
    ph +61 7 3365 4718
    Department of Human Movement Studies
    The University of Queensland, 4072

    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Robin Burgess-Limerick ph: +61 7 3365 4718
    Department of Human Movement Studies, fax: +61 7 3365 6877
    The University of Queensland, 4072
    AUSTRALIA email:

    Personal pages -

    HMS Department pages -

    Ergonomics Australia On-Line -

    __________________________________________________ ___________