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Position Available: Biomechanics/Motion Analysis Engineer

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  • Position Available: Biomechanics/Motion Analysis Engineer


    A position is available for an individual with a background in
    biomedical, mechanical or electrical engineering and a strong interest
    in the biomechanics of human movement. A Masters degree and
    experience in human movement analysis, orthopedic research, sports
    biomechanics and/or motor control are desirable. Experience with
    computer programming and/or laboratory equipment design would be

    This individual will be involved with all aspects of research being
    conducted in the Motion Analysis Laboratory. This may include
    project planning, equipment design, software development, patient
    testing, data analysis, grant writing and journal article preparation.

    The Motion Analysis Laboratory includes a stereo X-ray digital
    imaging system for high-speed analysis of dynamic in-vivo joint
    function, two 1000 frame/s digital video cameras, a 5-camera 240
    frame/s 3D video-motion analysis system, force platforms, EMG, and
    extensive computer hardware/software (including SGI and Sun
    workstations) for data collection and visualization as well as for the
    development and analysis of musculoskeletal models. Primary research
    interests are in orthopedic/sports biomechanics as related to joint
    function, disease, injury and repair. Current full-time lab staff
    includes the Director (a Ph.D. mechanical engineer), a software
    engineer and a technician.

    The position is in the Motion Analysis Section of the Breech Research
    Laboratory (a part of the Case Western University/Henry Ford Health
    Sciences Center located at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit). The
    laboratory has six PhD investigators and (currently) three
    post-doctoral fellows. The faculty include a biochemist, cell
    biologist, anatomist, exercise physiologist and two mechanical
    engineers. other lab facilities include: mechanical testing facility
    (2 Instron machines), electronics and machine shop (full time
    technical help for each), biochemistry laboratory, cell culture
    laboratory, computational facility (SUN Ultra 2, 2170 with 1 GB of
    RAM), microcomputed tomography system (10 micrometer resolution),
    scanning electron microscope facility, confocal microscope, histology
    laboratory with full optical microscope facility. The laboratory is
    also associated with a large, research-oriented clinical orthopedics
    department and the Henry Ford Hospital Center for Athletic Medicine.

    Individuals interested in this position should send a C.V. to
    Dr. Tashman at the Henry Ford Hospital address below. E-mail
    applications (plain text or MIME-attached Microsoft Word files) are

    The position is available immediately and will be filled as soon as an
    appropriate candidate is identified. The position start date may be
    delayed (for spring graduation) in the case of an exceptional

    PLEASE NOTE: I will be at the ORS meeting in San Francisco Feb 9-12,
    1997 and will have time for a few pre-arranged meetings.

    ************************************************** **********************
    Scott Tashman, Ph.D.

    Head, Motion Analysis Section Assistant Professor
    Bone and Joint Center Department of Orthopaedics
    Henry Ford Hospital, ER2015 School of Medicine
    2799 W. Grand Blvd. Case Western Reserve University
    Detroit, MI 48202

    ************************************************** **********************