Development Grant

RE: Injury Assessment and Recovery Management in a Team Sport Environment

Kistler Instrument Corp. manufactures an instrumented treadmill called
Gaitway. We are interested in developing a protocol for Clinical Sport
Trainers to use the Gaitway as an injury assessment and recovery
management tool in a team or clinic environment. The objective is to
optimize the rehabilitation of lower back and limb, musculoskeletal
injuries. Hardware and software developments are complete. This
research activity will be focused on the usage of the system.

The ideal researcher will have access to a Collegiate or Professional
Sport Team, i.e. Football, Basketball, Hockey, etc. Kistler will supply a
Gaitway treadmill and funding for one researcher.

Background for Researcher:

MS or PHD Degree in PT or related discipline;
Organizational access to Sport Team(s)

If interested contact:

Matthew Randazzo
Kistler Instrument Corp.
75 John Glenn Drive
Amherst, NY 14228
Matt Randazzo (
Biomechanics Product Manager
Kistler Instrument Corporation, USA
Phone: (716)691-5100 Fax: (716)691-5226