On 1/6/97, I posted a message for Shirley Kristensen.
Below is her original request followed by a summary of the responses.

-Denise Chesney
Beneficial Designs, Inc.

Statement of Request:

Anthropology Research Project, Inc. is conducting a study for the Access
Board with regard to the Americans with Disabilities Act to determine if the
specifications for wheelchair users require updating. We are in the process
of developing an annotated bibliography concerning anthropometric data on
body size, reach capability and range of motion of the disabled, particularly
wheelchair users. We are interested in sources of published information,
literature, in-house studies, etc. that have the anthropometric information,
especially with respect to architectural standards. We would appreciate any
data, data sources, information or references that you might be aware of in
this area and that we might use. If abstracts are available and include the
pertinent measurements, it would be particularly helpful as the journals are
not always readily available. If there is a cost involved, please let us

We will also be interested in input concerning areas where you could use
anthropometric data and find it lacking. Leave an address and we will
contact you or send a questionnaire. Thank you,

Shirley Kristensen, Research Assistant
Ph: (937) 767-7226 Fax: (937) 767-9350 e-mail: Shirl9000@aol.com
The responses are:

Date: 97-01-07 01:46:29 EST
From: schorn@az.com (Schorn)

Shirley: Got your posting on my biomechanics listserve. I'm a wheelchair
tennis coach and have been searching high and low for exactly
what you requested. If you get any leads or info, could you pass
it on to me? I would be eternally grateful, it would help a lot
of people I train. THANKYOU!
Richard Schorn

Subj: Sports search results
Date: 97-01-09 19:59:28 EST
From: schorn@az.com (Schorn)

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Shirley: There might be something in here. Or start at:

Sports search results

Sports search results

Search for: Biomechanics OR Exercise Physiology

216 matches found

Asayama, K., Nakamura, Y., Ogata, H., Hatada, K., Okuma, H., & Deguchi,
Y. (1985). Physical fitness of paraplegics in full wheelchair marathon
racing. Paraplegia, 23(5), 277-287.
Asayama, K., Nakamura, Y., Ogata, H., Morita, H., Kodama, S., & Hatada,
K. (1984). Energy expenditure of paraplegic marathon runners measured during
a wheelchair marathon. Sangyo ika daigaku zasshi (Kitakyushu), 6(2),
Ashley, E. A. ,. (1993). Evidence of Autonomic Dysreflexia During
Functional Electrical Stimulation in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries.
Paraplegia, 31(9), 593-605.
Bauman, W. A., Zhong, Y. G., Spungen, A. M., & Kahn, T. (1993). Plasma
potassium concentrations during incremental upper-body exercise and recovery
in subjects with paraplegia. Clinical Research, 41(2), 356.
arczyk, J. H. (1993). The effect of mass on the kinematics of steady state wh
eelchair propulsion in adults and children with spinal cord injury. Unpublishe
d master's thesis, University of British Columbia.