A major new site devoted to the science of sport and exercise has now
added to the web at http://www.sportsci.org

There's heaps of interesting pages at this multidisciplinary site...

NEWS. A monthly magazine. The first month's features include an
about erythropoietin by Steve Seiler, a report on a nutrition conference
Louise Burke, Ken Daley's Moving Together newsletter, research on
out loud" in orienteering by Bjxrn Johansen, Frank Katch's look back at
famous exercise scientist, and more.

FORUM. Recent Sportscience mailing-list messages, plus easy ways to do
searches for previous messages, send a new message, subscribe or

JOURNAL. A trial format for a top-quality electronic journal devoted to
science, including general guidelines on style and specific guidelines
writing reviews.

RESEARCH RESOURCES. Things for researchers and research students,
with How To Give Talks: a set of lecture notes, slides, and some humour
this useful topic.

TRAINING & TECHNOLOGY. Peer-reviewed reviews mainly for athletes and
We kick off with a look at Strength Shoes.

NET LINKS. Click to get links to sport and exercise science elsewhere
the Net, sorted into easy-to-use categories.

NET SEARCH. Look no further for the best place to start your search of
Net. We explain and provide search forms for Altavista, Reference.com,
WhoWhere, and more.

Please note that you'll need a Web browser that handles frames, which
Netscape 2 or preferably Netscape 3. If you try opening our site with a
browser that can't handle frames, you will be prompted to connect to the
Netscape site to download the latest version of Netscape. We advize
against Internet Explorer, especially version 2, because it has inferior
navigation features and corrupts spacing of Web documents.

By the way, we're very interested in having more people join the team
all the human movement disciplines. Check out the site to see how you

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