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Strength of crushed cancellous & cortical bone

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  • Strength of crushed cancellous & cortical bone

    Dear BIOMECH-L viewers:

    I have a problem for which I would like to have a
    simple analytical solution if possible.
    Problem statement : What is the strength of a mixture
    of crushed cancellous bone and crushed cortical bone, knowing
    the ratio of mix ?.
    I looked into lots of Civil Engineering Books. The next
    best thing that I can get is strength of concrete. But all the
    information is based on experiments conducted with varying ratios
    of water, cement and aggregate. No analytical solution was available.
    Thus this approach seems to lead me nowhere.
    Other possibility is use "homogenization" theory. I do not
    want to get this problem that complicated. I am interested in
    a very simple solution, which may not be accurate -- as a first
    In the future we may try conduct a confined compression test
    to verify the results.

    Any suggestions or help !!!.

    Thank you for your time

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