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Biomch-L monthly mini-faq

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  • Biomch-L monthly mini-faq

    BIOMCH-L monthly mini-FAQ (last revised: 13 Dec 1996)

    This message is distributed through Biomch-L every month as a reminder
    of essential information. Please store this for future reference.

    Biomch-L is an electronic discussion forum. It allows people who have
    a common interest in biomechanics and related fields to communicate
    with each other by electronic mail (E-mail). Subscription is free.
    Web access at

    1. To post a message, send mail to Note:
    * Read the posting guidelines in the BIOMCH-L GUIDE
    * First search the archives for earlier postings on the same topic
    * Use a meaningful Subject: line, or use Re:

    2. If, for no apparent reason, you stop receiving Biomch-L mail, simply try
    to subscribe again. If you ever end up with two active subscriptions,
    contact one of the list moderators (addresses below).

    3. To subscribe, send 'SUBSCRIBE BIOMCH-L firstname lastname (affiliation)'
    to If you get no reply from LISTSERV within a
    day, your mail system is not set up properly. Talk to your system
    administrator. If that does not help, contact one of the list moderators.

    4. Other common commands for
    UNSUBSCRIBE BIOMCH-L (to leave the list)
    SET BIOMCH-L DIGEST (to get a daily digest instead of separate postings)
    SET BIOMCH-L NODIGEST (back to normal)
    SET BIOMCH-L INDEX (to receive daily table of contents only)
    SET BIOMCH-L NOINDEX (back to normal)
    GET BIOMCH-L GUIDE (to get the Biomch-L user guide)
    INDEX BIOMCH-L (to see what's on the file server)
    INFO (for more help on using LISTSERV)

    5. To browse or search the archives, use one of the following: (preferred)
    GET BIOMCH-L LOGmmyy (to receive an entire month)
    INFO DATABASE (for help with keyword search)

    Biomch-L is financially supported by the International Society of Biomechanics
    and is maintained by:

    Ton van den Bogert
    Krystyna Gielo-Perczak
    Christoph Reinschmidt
    Pierre Baudin
    Michael Young

    * Total number of users subscribed to the list: 3086 (non-"concealed" only)
    * Total number of countries represented: 54 (non-"concealed" only)