James R. Andrews, M.D. Award for
Excellence in Baseball Sports Medicine

Since 1983, Dr. Jim Andrews and associates have conducted an annual course
on Injuries in Baseball. At the 1994 course, the James R. Andrews, M.D.
Award for Excellence in Baseball Sports Medicine was inaugurated by Dr.
Lawrence J. Lemak. Dr. Lemak declared that each year this award would be
given to an individual or group that has significantly contributed to
baseball sports medicine. The award was named after Dr. Andrews with the
intention that future award winners would possess many of Dr. Andrews'
attributes that have contributed toward his
success in baseball sports medicine. These attributes include a strong
desire to help baseball players prevent and recover from injury, working as
a member
of a multidisciplinary medical team (physician, trainer, coach, etc.), the
ability to help the baseball player as a complete person (medical issues,
emotional issues, work ethic, etc.), and excellent knowledge and skills.
Consistent with the philosophy that managing the health of baseball players
involves many different professions, the Andrews Award has already been
awarded to a physician (James Andrews, M.D., 1994), a biomechanist (Charles
Dillman, Ph.D., 1995), an athletic trainer (Tommy Craig, A.T.,C., 1996), and
a coach (Bill Thurston).

In January, 1998, the award will once again be presented at the Injuries in
Baseball Conference. If there is someone who you feel should be considered for
this award, please send your nomination, in writing or email, to:

Andrews Award Selection Committee
American Sports Medicine Institute
Attn: Glenn S. Fleisig, Ph.D.
1313 13th Street South
Birmingham, AL 35205
(fax) 205-918-0800

Please provide the nominee's name, title, and address, as well as any
information you feel would support the nominee. Be sure to also include
your name, address and telephone number. Thank you for your interest in
helping us identify deserving candidates for this award.

Deadline: Nominations Must Be Received by MARCH 17, 1997