Dear Biomch-L readers,

Issue 34 of the Numerical Analysis Digest (send and empty message to contains some new details on Netlib -- the
mathematical software fileservers at Oak Ridge National Laboratories
in Tennessee and AT&T Research Labs in New Jersey (USA), with counter-
parts in Norway and Australia. The AT&T Netlib server now also
accomodates ftp on the Internet ( or,
login with netlib, password your full email address in order to auto-
matically obtain updating and correction information for all items
retrieved by you). AT&T serves for `Beta testing' of the mial and
ftp software; after a while, the other servers will also implement
the improvements.

Further details are contained in a number of text and LaTeX files (LaTeX
files can also be read as ordinary text files) in Netlib's news directory.
By email, they can be retrieved with the following commands (lower case,
one per line):

send directory from news
send index from news
send greetings from news
send contributions from news
send bigfiles from news

The latter three are LaTeX files, and the last one (`bigfiles') was published
yesterday, 24 August 1991. Depending on your location, you can send requests
to or in the USA, to in
Norway, or to in Australia. Since netlib updating
is partially done by hand, the netlib servers may not have identical contents.

Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL