Dear subscribers,

This message is to encourage you to see the new additions to the
ISB (International Society of Biomechanics) web page at:

The new additions include:

-> The ISB and TGCS (Technical Group on Computer Simulation) Member
lists are now at your fingertips. Search for members, addresses and other
valuable information.

-> BIOMECH - software and data that may be used to analyze planar
human or animal motion contributed by D. Gordon E. Robertson, Ph.D.

-> Funding Resources - Are you looking for potential sources to fund
your research? Look no further.

-> KineMat: a MATLAB Toolbox for three-dimensional kinematic
analyses contributed by Christoph Reinschmidt and Ton van den Bogert.

-> Test data for filters: different cut-off frequency strategies for
the determination of the higher derivatives contributed by Giannis Giakas
and Vasilios Baltzopoulos.

-> Employment opportunities was separated into Faculty,
Lecturer/Post-Doctoral, Research and Career positions because of the vast
number of opportunities. If you are looking for a biomechanics related
position, this is your resource!

-> SIMU5 - A software package for forward simulation of a 5-segment
human body model contributed by Dimitri Kalakanis.

-> Displacement and Acceleration Data Files now available -
contributed by James Dowling from his experiment reported in Biomechanics
X-B pp.1163-1167.

ISB would like to thank all the contributors to the web page and
encourage others to submit additions and any ideas you have for
improvement to Denise Neptune . We hope the ISB
web page will continue to grow into a useful resource for the
biomechanics community.

-- Denise Neptune