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Task velocity and mass (or ball velocity and bat mass)

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  • Task velocity and mass (or ball velocity and bat mass)

    I am looking for any (all) manuscripts that report studying the
    velocity of a task (e.g. swinging a bat or throwing a ball) as a function
    of the mass of the object being swung/thrown.
    I am especially interested in references that have used Hill's
    equation (Fenn and Marsh) or other similar equations to predict the
    relationship between task velocity and the mass of the object.
    My specific question is: How does baseball/softball bat mass (and
    inertia) influence swing velocity?
    While most studies on bat-ball impacts have looked at the mechanics
    of the impact, I can find only one study that uses Hill-type equations to
    incorporate the "biomechanics". (Bahill and Karnavas, Determining Ideal
    Baseball Bat Weights Using Muscle Force-Velocity Relationships, Bio. Cyber
    Have similar studies been performed in other sports?
    Any general articles on predicting task velocity for a given mass
    would also be helpful.

    Please e-mail me directly and I will summuraize the responses.

    Thanks in advance, Trey

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