A (At) 18:31 21/04/97, Allen Akers ecrivait (wrote):
>Has anyone used Biopac data acquisition units with Labview? I have
>been thoroughly disappointed with the usefulness of the AcqKnowledge
>software that comes with the Biopac and was hoping to use Labview for
>acquisition and analysis, or at least analysis. I can't find a
>driver for the Biopac hardware and was wondering if I'm missing
>something. I would appreciate ANY advice on interfacing these two

I am interested to know what kind of problem you have had with
software because I would like to buy Biopac, I thought that Biopac is
easier to use than Labview for the same kind of acquisition and analysis. I
have already used Biopac hardware on a PC 486 (not windows 95) but it run
also on a Pentium with windows 95, there are some switches to change on the
card. That's the only thing I could inform you.


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