Dear Subscribers,

Thanks to those of you who replied to my plea for information on femoral
forces during the walking cycle. Apologies for this rather late summary.
There were not as many responses as I had hoped for, but they were very
useful. A summary follows.

Luca Cristofolini ( recommended the works of Duda and

Georg Duda ( described his own work and
recommended his own web page
( It is well
worth a visit if you are interested in femoral forces.

Tim Doyle ( quoted J Biomech, (1993), 26(2), 155-165
In this paper, Kautz and Hull interpret forces applied to the pedal during

Robert-Jan Enzerink ( reminded me of the Biomch archives,
with Xavier Gasso writing a previous summary on 28 November 1996. My excuse
for not checking here before asking all subscribers is that I am a new
subscriber to Biomch-L. Maybe this explains the paucity of replies.

Thanks for all your help,

Nick Granville

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Smith & Nephew
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