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Please distribute the information on this call for papers aswidely as possible via your electronic networks. Thank you foryour help. -sk

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  • Please distribute the information on this call for papers aswidely as possible via your electronic networks. Thank you foryour help. -sk



    TECHNOLOGY STUDIES announces a Special Issue on Research
    Methodology, to be published in Volume 2 (1993). TECHNOLOGY
    STUDIES is a multidisciplinary, international journal published
    by Walter de Gruyter, Inc. (Berlin and New York). Volume 1 will
    appear in 1992. The Editor for the Special Issue on Research
    Methodology will be Robert P. Gephart, Jr., an Associate Editor

    The Special Issue on Research Methodology will provide a
    forum for the discussion of research methodologies useful in the
    study of technology. Technology is conceived broadly to include:
    artifacts and hardware; technology-practices including human
    behaviour related to technology; technical phenomena; and
    techniques or skills involving a significant technical component
    (K. Willoughby, Technology Choice, Westview Press, 1990: p. 44).
    Research methodology includes: the principles underlying the
    production of knowledge in various branches of scholarly inquiry;
    the actual activities and practices involved in scholarly
    inquiry; and the procedures and tools ("methods") used in the
    production and assessment of knowledge.

    Papers should address research methodologies likely to
    contribute to understanding technology, technology management,
    and technology in society. These methodologies include, but are
    not limited to: ethnography; varieties of qualitative methods;
    experimental designs; causal analysis; textual analysis; LISREL;
    differential equations; writing narratives; and event-history
    analysis. Innovative and new methodologies and approaches are
    welcome as are papers which address econometric methods useful in
    the study of appropriate technology.

    Topics which might be addressed include: the philosophical,
    theoretical and ethical issues associated with technology study
    methodologies; problems and prospects for the integration of
    multiple methods; how one can link methodologies to theoretical
    perspectives; critiques of "traditional" or "new" methods; and
    research methods applicable to trans-national and/or multi-
    cultural settings. All papers should clearly illustrate the
    application to technology studies of the methodology(ies) or
    perspectives discussed.

    Papers are expected to draw insights from one or more major
    scholarly areas. These areas include but are not limited to: the
    arts, humanities, social sciences, medicine, engineering,
    management, mathematics, statistics, education and social work.
    Theoretical and philosophical perspectives might include, but are
    not limited to traditional positivist and structuralist
    approaches as well as post-structuralist views. We particularly
    welcome papers which draw from: hermeneutics; critical theory;
    semiotics; literary criticism; ethnomethodology; phenomenology;
    and deconstructionism.

    The Special Issue on Research Methodology will publish
    commentaries on selected articles in the issue. Commentaries
    will be written by notable individuals working in the
    area/methodology, but whom are from a different discipline or
    country than the author(s). Commentaries will be published as
    short articles adjacent to the paper on which they comment. We
    invite scholars interested in the special issue to nominate
    themselves or other individuals as reviewers and/or as

    All papers submitted to the Special Issue on Research
    Methodology will be blind reviewed by at least 3 (three)
    reviewers. One reviewer will be from the author's home
    discipline; one will represent another discipline; and the third
    will come from a country other than the author's. Papers deemed
    topically appropriate for TS but which do not fall within the
    scope of the special issue will be referred to the Editor of TS
    for consideration in the normal review process.

    Papers should conform to the Americal Psychological
    Association Style Guide (3rd Edition) prior to publication. All
    submissions must be original works which have not appeared
    elsewhere and which are not being considered for publication in
    any other outlet at the time. Please prepare your manuscripts to
    allow for an anonymous review process.

    Please submit 5 (five) copies of your paper, by FEBRUARY 15, 1992

    Robert P. Gephart, Jr.
    Associate Editor, TECHNOLOGY STUDIES
    Faculty of Business
    University of Alberta
    Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA T6G 2R6

    Tel: (403)-492-5715


    FAX: (403) 492-3325