A position is available immediately in the Motor Development
Laboratory in the Psychology Department at Indiana University working
with Esther Thelen on issues of infant motor control. Projects
include the development of arm trajectory control in infants, the
development of locomotion, 3-D torque pertubations on infant limbs,
as well as issues in infant motor learning and memory. We are doing
some adult skill research as well. Our lab has pioneered in the
use of kinematic and kinetic measures in infants.

I am looking for a person with a movement science background,
with strong computer programming and biomechanical skills. Familiarity
with UNIX system is essential, and experience with MATLAB useful. Working
with infants requires ingenuity and patience as well. The position
is funded by a five-year NIH research grant. Women and minority
persons are especially encouraged.

The motor development lab is very well-equipped with OPTOTRAK
and PEAK motion analysis systems, both with 4 camera capability interfaced
with hardware and software for concurrent EMG. We also have extensive
video equipment. Computers include a Unix-based HP Apollo 9000 series
networked server with very large processing and storage capabilities
and extensive custom software.

Indiana University provides an exciting, interdisciplinary
atmosphere for movement scientists, with ongoing collaborations with
neuroscientists, cognitive scientists, and laboratories in Kinesiology
and Speech and Hearing Scientists.

I am looking for a person who can both work well in a group and
is also an independent problem-solver.

Interested persons should email resumes immediately to my
assistant Roberta Bogle at rbogle@indiana.edu along with the names
of several reference persons and other relevant materials. Please
direct questions to Roberta or to me.

Esther Thelen
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405