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Gait Analysis and Cerebral Palsy

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  • Gait Analysis and Cerebral Palsy

    Dear Biomch-L readers,

    During the 13th ASB meeting in Tempe near Phoenix in Arizona, I was told
    about the very recent publication of the following, long-awaited book:

    James R. Gage, Gait Analysis and Cerebral Palsy (McKeith Press)
    Blackwell, Oxford/UK & Cambridge University Press, Boston/New York.

    US publication date: November 1991, price: approximately US $ 50,00.

    This book is an outstanding example of the relationship between neurology
    and orthopaedics: while CP is a neurological affliction, it cannot be
    treated neurologically, so orthopaedic measures are habitually taken.
    Many outstanding movement analysts in the CP field such as Gage have an
    orthopaedic background.

    I'd like to use this opportunity to refer to the 7th Annual East Coast
    Clinical Gait Laboratory Conference in Richmond, Virginia, USA (31 Oct --
    2 Nov), organised by the Children's Hospital in Richmond. The program looks
    most interesting, with a significant session entitled "Dilemma of Standard-
    ization" moderated by Steven S. Stanhope, Director of the Biomechanics
    Laboratory at the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, US National
    Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD (Steven is a Biomch-L subscriber).
    Some time ago, summary registration information on the 7th ECCGLC was posted
    onto Biomch-L.

    Sincerely -- Herman J. Woltring (via TELNET from Phoenix/AZ)