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"Assessment of Clinical Gait Analysis Protocols"

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  • "Assessment of Clinical Gait Analysis Protocols"

    Dear Biomch-L readers,

    Yesterday, I had the pleasure to receive the following publication:

    T. Leo, J.P. Paul, and P. Rabischong (Eds),
    Assessment of Clinical Protocols,
    Human Movement Science (North-Holland / Elsevier Science) 10(1991), nr. 5

    which is a summary of a two-day workshop held at Ancona University, Italy,
    on 16 and 17 October 1989, and now available as a thematic journal issue.
    This special contains the following selection from the original proceedings:

    - T. Leo & S. Fioretti (Ancona/I), Assessment of Clinical Protocols
    - P. Rabischong (Montpellier/F), Classification of Clinical and Scientific
    Needs in Motion Analysis
    - J.U. Baumann (Basle/CH), Requirements of Clinical Gait Analysis
    - P.A. DeLuca (Newington/CT-USA), The Use of Gait Analysis and Dynamic EMG
    in the Assessment of the Child with Cerebral Palsy
    - R.H. Rozendal (Amsterdam/NL), Clinical Gait Analysis: Problems and Solutions
    - T. Mulder & S. Geurts (Nijmegen/NL), The Assessment of Motor Dysfunctions:
    Preliminaries to a Disability-Oriented Approach
    - R.B. Davis III, S. O~unpuu, D. Tybursky & J.R. Gage (Newington/CT-USA),
    A Gait Analysis Data Collection and Reduction Technique
    - A. Cappozzo (Rome/I), Three-Dimensional Analysis of Human Walking: Experi-
    mental Methods and Associated Artefacts

    For a copy of the original, complete proceedings, please contact Prof. T. Leo
    or Dr. S. Fioretti in Ancona/I .

    Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL.