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    This is a response to Sandra Hirschberg's question, original message below.
    Our work has been dealing with P-31 Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS)
    data of a fatiguing muscle under activation by FES. These data were
    collected in vivo on paraplegic subjects, using a 1.9T magnet machine.
    The data have been further used to predict muscle force under FES in
    sustained and interrupted stimulation.
    Some of the main references are as follows:
    - Levy M, Kushnir T, Mizrahi J and Itzchak Y: In vivo P-31 NMR studies of
    paraplegic's muscle activated by FES. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine,
    29,53-58, 1993.
    - Giat Y, Mizrahi J and Levy M: A musculo-tendon model of the fatigue
    profiles of paralyzed quadriceps muscle under FES. IEEE Transactions on
    Biomedical Engineering, 40,664-674, 1993.
    - Giat Y, Mizrahi J and Levy M: Fatigue and recovery in paraplegic's
    quadricps muscle when subjected to intermittent stimulation. ASME Journal
    of Biomechanical Engineering, 118'357-366, 1996.

    I hope this answers the question

    Joe Mizrahi

    Prof. Joseph Mizrahi , D.Sc.
    Dept. of Biomedical Eng. Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
    Haifa 32000, Israel
    Phone: +972-4-829 4128 Fax: +972-4-823 4131

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    Original Message:

    Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 15:37:45 +1000
    From: sandra hirschberg
    Newgroups: bit.listserv.biomch-l
    Subject: MUA with EMS

    Hello all

    Just wanted to know if anyone knows the reference for the paper by Joe
    Mizrahi who used biochemical assays to determine the proportion of muscle
    activated by electrical stimulation????

    If anyone can help, please email the reference to me.

    Sandra Hirschberg