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Zuerich Symp. on Clin. Gait Analysis

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  • Zuerich Symp. on Clin. Gait Analysis

    ANNOUNCEMENT -- European Symposium on Clinical Gait Analysis
    Federal Institute of Technology, Zuerich, Switzerland, 1-3 April 1992

    Scientific Committee:

    J.U. Baumann, Switzerland
    U. Boenick, Germany
    A. Cappozzo, Italy
    H. Lanshammar, Sweden
    J.P. Paul, Scotland
    E. Sern, Germany
    E. Stuessi, Switzerland


    Session 1: Prosthetics/Orthetics
    Session 2: Therapy/Rehabilitation
    Session 3: Neurology/Neuro-Orthopaedics

    Invited papers:

    U. Boenick (Berlin), Optimization of prosthetic supply
    A. Cappozzo (Rome), Gait analysis with low back pain patients
    R. Gregor (Los Angeles), Interaction between motion analysis lab and therapy
    H. Lanshammar (Uppsala), Repeatability and validity of human gait data
    K.-H. Mauritz (Berlin), Rating of gait analysis in neurologic rehabilitation
    J.P. Paul (Glasgow), Quantifying human gait: development and state of the art
    E. Senn (Munich), Rank of gait analysis in physical therapy
    S.R. Simon (Columbus), Clinical gait analysis: state of the art, perspectives
    D. Sutherland (San Diego), Development of mature gait


    Laboratory for Biomechanics, Federal Institute of Technology
    Secretariate Gait Analysis Symposium
    Wagistrasse 4, CH-8952 SCHLIEREN, Switzerland
    Tel. +41(1)731 0785, +41(1)733 6214 (after 1 Nov 1991)
    Fax +44(1)731 0789 [Email: BIOMECHA@CZHETH5A.BITNET (Prof. Stuessi)]


    1 Nov 1991 Deadline for abstracts (10 lines)
    1 Jan 1992 Notice of acceptance of papers
    1 Mar 1992 Deadline for registration and papers (4 pages)

    Social Program:

    31 Mar 1992 Welcome drinks and registration
    1 Apr 1992 Visit at the Biomechanics Laborato of ETH Zuerich
    2 Apr 1992 Common dinner at ETH Zuerich
    3 Apr 1992 Visit at Kistler Instruments SA in Wintherthur