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Help on Smoothing Running-Kinematics Data

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  • Help on Smoothing Running-Kinematics Data

    Hello to all BIOMCH-L subscribers,

    I'm a master's student working on a research regarding the influences of
    fatigue on running kinematics.
    We are using a video camera (50Hz sampling frequency) to collect 2D-kinematic
    data of running subjects.

    Each subject has different running speed and as a result should have
    different cut-off frequency for the filter. (And the same for each marker).

    I used residual analysis (as in D.A. Winter's book), but this should be
    done for each subject and marker which is a huge work :
    ~20 subjects * 5 markers * 4 tests * 3 (at least) times on each test =
    = 1200 (!!!!) times doing the residual analysis...

    So is there anyone who can suggest a systematic way to smooth the kinematics'
    data with a shorter-simpler way ???

    Thanks in advance ( Of-coarse I'll post a summary of the replies )

    ================================================== ==============
    Bye...& Have a nice day...

    David Daily
    Dept. of Biomedical Eng.
    Technion, IIT
    Haifa 32000 , ISRAEL
    E-mail :
    Tel. : 972-4-8294141
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