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    The following information may be useful for subscribers who are
    interested in applications of movement analysis in behavioral

    -- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator

    Forwarded message:
    From: Wineke Schoo
    Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 12:11:45 +0000
    Subject: Announcement Noldus Forum

    Dear postmaster of Biomch-L,

    I would like to ask you if you can post this message on your mailing

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Wineke Schoo
    Listowner Noldus-Forum

    Noldus Information Technology is proud to announce that a mailing
    list, called Noldus Forum, has been set up to provide all
    (potential) users of Noldus products (The Observer, EthoVision,
    Signal, UltraVox, etc.) with an easy way of communicating with each
    other world-wide. We hope that this list will make it easier to find
    out about tips & tricks and solutions to problems others may have
    discovered, and learn about what other people are accomplishing. We
    also hope that the list will provide you with an interactive forum
    for the exchange of information and ideas among people interested in
    the methodological and technical aspects of behavioral research.

    The diversity of behavioral research makes it a very exciting
    market. The development of generic software tools can form a bridge
    between disciplines, which are often unaware of techniques already
    available in other fields. Thus, we have noticed that data analysis
    methods stemming from ethology are now being used by applied
    psychologists, and that path analysis techniques originally designed
    by entomologists, are equally useful for behavioral pharmacologist
    studying rodents. Along this line, we hope that Noldus Forum will
    serve as a common ground for cross-fertilization of behavioral
    research disciplines.

    It is very easy to subscribe to Noldus Forum: just send mail to with the message contents of

    SUBSCRIBE Noldus-Forum

    and you=92ll be automatically included in the list of subscribers. Be
    sure to use your real name, rather than your email address. The
    subject line is ignored. Note that the software tries to interpret
    every line of the message body as a command, so any "signature" text
    appended by your mailer will confuse it. The EXIT command tells the
    listserver to ignore any following text, such as a signature. If you
    have any questions, you can use the following address:

    Noldus Information Technology b.v.
    Costerweg 5
    P.O. Box 268
    6700 AG Wageningen
    The Netherlands

    Phone: +31-(0)317-497677
    Fax: +31-(0)317-424496