Dear Biomch-L readers,

Movement Science is on the move: Physical Therapy, the Journal of the American
Physical Therapy Association has published a four-part Special Series on Move-
ment Science in the December 1990 - March 1991 issues, totalling 23 contribu-
tions including two from Biomch-L subscribers. Having just read some of the
contributions, it seems worth-while to announce the titles on this list.

The series is preceded by an introduction (Dec. 1990, Vol. 70, nr. 12, pp. 759
- 762) "Movement Science and its Relevance to Physical Therapy" by Carolee J.
Winstein and Harry G. Knecht.

December 1990 (70/12):

- A Dynamical Systems Approach to Motor Development (Kamm, Thelen, Jensen)
- Animal Models Offer the Opportunity to Acquire a New Perspective on Motor
Development (Bradley)
- Life-Span Development in Functional Taks (VanSant)
- Changes in Posture Control Across the Life Span - A Systems Approach (Hines
Woollacott, Shumway-Cook)
- Motivational Considerations in Physical Activity Involvement (Lewthwaite)
- Information Processing for Motor Performance in Aging Adults (Light)
- Dynamic Pattern Theory - Some Implications for Therapeutics (Scholz)
- Controlling Stability of a Complex Movement System (Keshner)
- Sensorimotor Contributions of the Basal Ganglia: Recent Advances (Connor,

January 1991 (71/1):

- Strategies Underlying the Control of Disordered Movement (Coros)
- A New Challenge - Robotics in the Rehabilitation of the Neurologically
Motor Impaires (van Vliet, Wing)
- Brain Potentials Associated with Movement in Traumatic Brain Injury (Nativ)
- Movement Disorders - Limb Movement and the Basal Ganglia (Stelmach, Phil-

February 1991 (71/2):

- Motor Skill Acquisition (Higgins)
- Knowledge of Results and Motor Learning - Implications for Physical Therapy
- What is Repeated in a Repetition? Effects of Practice Conditions on Motor
Skill Acquisition (Lee, Swanson, Hall)
- A Process-Oriented Model of Human Motor Behavior - Toward a Theory-Based
Rehabilitation Approach (Mulder)

March 1991 (71/3):

- Movement Analysis - An Aid to Early Diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy (Harris)
- Implications of a Dynamical Systems Approach to Understanding Infant
Kicking Behavior (Heriza)
- Cognitive Strategies During Coincident Timing Tasks (Goodgold-Edwards)
- Measurement and Treatment in Cerebral Palsy: An Argument for a New
Approach (Fetters)
- Dorsal Rhizotomy for Children with Cerebral Palsy: Support for Concepts
of Motor Control (Giuliani)

Herman J. Woltring (via TELNET from Phoenix, AZ, USA)