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    This posting was prompted by a recent inquiry to the Biomechanics Listserver for information that to a large extent has not yet been published. To frame it properly a little history is relevant. In January, I had the distinct privilege of assuming the position of Editor for the Journal of Applied Biomechanics. I succeeded Dr. Robert J. Gregor after he had tirelessly served as Editor for six very productive years. The Mission of the journal remains the same as that established in 1992 by Dr. Gregor and his editorial board. The new Editorial structure for the journal , listed below, reflects this mission.

    J.J. Collins, PhD, Boston University, Associate Editor, Clinical Biomechanics
    Editorial Board Members
    T. Buchanon, PhD, University of Delaware
    D. Casey Kerrigan, MD, Harvard Medical School
    A. Kou, PhD, University of Michigan
    M. Redfern, PhD, University of Pittsburgh

    D. Koceja, Indiana University, Associate Editor, Exercise Neuroscience
    Editorial Board Members
    Jean Burke, PhD, University of South Carolina
    K. Cole, PhD, University of Iowa
    B. Etnyre, PhD, Rice University
    J. Howell, PhD, Ohio University

    P.E. Martin, PhD, Arizona State University, Associate Editor, Exercise and Sport Mechanics
    Editorial Board Members
    J. Dapena, PhD, Indiana University
    J. Hamill, PhD, University of Massachusetts
    C. Putnam, PhD, Dalhousie University
    G. Street, PhD, St. Cloud University

    M.M. Rodgers, PhD, PT, Associate Editor, Rehabilitation
    Editorial Board Members
    I.S. McClay, PhD, PT, University of Delaware
    G.G. Simoneau, PhD,PT, Marquette University
    J.A. Threlkeld, PhD,PT. Creighton University
    H.J. Yack, PhD, PT, University of Iowa

    J.J Trey Crisco, PhD, Associate Editor, Modeling
    Editorial Board Members
    B.L. Davis, Ph.D, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
    S.L. Delp, Ph.D. Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
    L.P. Nolte, PhD, University of Bern
    J.A. Weiss, PhD, Orthopaedics Biomechanics Institute, Salt Lake City

    The following are the most recent Guidelines for manuscript submission to the Journal of Applied Biomechanics.


    Mark D. Grabiner

    ************************************************** **********************************
    Guidelines for Authors: Journal of Applied Biomechanics

    The primary criteria on which manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Applied Biomechanics are judged include the adherence to accepted scientific principles and methods, the contribution of the work to the area of applied biomechanics, the clarity and conciseness of the writing, and interest to the readership. The following are the types of submissions that are considered.

    Original Articles: Original articles present the results of a hypothesis-driven study or in some cases, a descriptive study, the results of which are considered novel and important. Original articles should not generally exceed 3500 words and should not include more than 8 graphics.
    Technical Notes: Technical notes are short communications that present results related to a new or modified method, instrument, or an important experimental observation that are of interest to the readership. Technical notes should generally not exceed 1500 word and should not include more than 4 graphics.
    Rapid Communications: Rapid Communications are intended for substantive new results that merit editorial consideration serving to minimize the elapsed time between receipt and publication. Authors should provide in their cover letter the rationale for this special consideration. Rapid Communications should not exceed 1500 words and should not include more than 4 graphics.
    Reviews/Symposium or Workshop Proceedings: Reviews are critical and inclusive presentations of important aspects of biomechanics. Symposium or Workshop Proceedings comprise a number of brief papers, each based on an individual presentation that was part of a larger, focused program.. Reviews and Proceedings are solicited by the Editorial Board members although authors may contact the Editor regarding the suitability of their review and symposium/workshop manuscripts.
    Target Articles: Target articles present a summary of current scientific thought and the unique perspective of an experienced scientist on a matter that is of significance to the field of biomechanics. Invited responses to the target article and the authors' rebuttal are normally published with the target article.

    Four clean copies of the manuscript should be submitted to the Editor, Mark D. Grabiner, PhD, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Wb3, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44106. Authors must provide a statement in the cover letter stating that the manuscript has not been published in another journal (except in abstract form), is not presently under consideration at another journal, and will not be submitted to another journal before a final editorial decision from JAB is rendered. Authors of manuscripts accepted for publication in JAB must transfer copyright to Human Kinetics. Manuscripts are not subjected to a blind review unless specifically requested by the authors in the cover letter.
    Authors are strongly encouraged to carefully proofread their manuscripts and pay particular attention to the clarity of writing. All manuscripts should have an abstract of 200-250 words. A cover sheet on each copy of the manuscript should include the manuscript's title, the full names of each of the authors, each of the author's institutions, a brief running head, between 3 and 5 key words that do not appear in the title of the manuscript, and the date of manuscript submission. For the listed corresponding author provide the full mailing address, phone number, Fax number, and Email address. The author must provide a statement regarding any financial interest in the research.
    Authors should follow the guidelines found in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, fourth edition, 1994 (APA, Order Department, P.O. BOX 2710, Hyattsville, MD 20784-0710). The entire manuscript must be double spaced. All figures must be professional