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  • lab size

    Thanks to all who responded to my query about fixed camera positions for
    a variety of projects. I am still recieving responses and will be in
    touch with some of you personally. Now I have another question that I forgot
    to include in yesterdays post. What would you say would be the minimum
    amount of space required to do 3D gait analysis, unilateral?, bilateral?.
    We unfortunately are stuck with previously allocated space that was not
    initially designed for motion analysis and there is a huge structural pillar
    about dead center. We would like to do bilateral analyses, if possible.
    What would be the minimum width and length we could get away with? Any
    responses would be greatly appreciated and valuable in helping us decide
    on our setup. Thanks in advance.

    Julie Commager
    Lab Coordinator
    Motion Analysis Lab
    Medical College of Ohio