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Re: BIOMCH-L Digest - 9 Jun 1997 to 10 Jun 1997

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  • Re: BIOMCH-L Digest - 9 Jun 1997 to 10 Jun 1997

    > From: lori livingston F
    > I am posting this message on behalf of the exercise physiology faculty > in my department. We have limited funds to purchase a treadmill for > the exercise physiology lab and we were wondering if anyone would have > a used treadmill (in good working order) for sale.
    > While we would prefer to purchase a treadmill that would support
    > research applications (ie, 12 mph max speed, 25% max grade, 3
    > horsepower motor, max wt 400 lbs, 220 volt, 20 amp specs),
    > unfortunately our budget is limited to $4000 Cdn.
    > Lori Livingston, PhD
    > Associate Professor
    > Department of Biomechanics

    Yes Lori I can certainly help you. And if anyone else is looking for
    fitness equipment new, used, or refurbished. Please contact me. I
    service world wide.

    Ron Baer
    Fitness Systems, Inc.
    Office: (800) 325-1968
    Fax: (805) 266-7937