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Research Positions in Motor Control

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  • Research Positions in Motor Control

    The Motor Control Laboratory at the NeuroMuscular Research Center of Boston
    University is recruiting for two positions. We are looking for a
    post-doctoral candidate and a research associate with a BS or MS in an
    appropriate area.

    We are studying experimental and theoretical questions about the control of
    human movement. This work is funded by the NIH.

    Prospective applicants are invited to visit the Laboratory's home page at

    < >

    to see what we have been doing and to contact me if interested.

    Boston University is an equal opportunity employer.

    __________________________________________________ _________________
    | Gerald Gottlieb (617) 353-8984 beauty |
    | NeuroMuscular Research Center 353-9757 is |
    | Boston University fax 353-5737 truth |
    | 44 Cummington St. etc, etc, etc. |
    | Boston MA 02215 /\ |
    |_______________________/\ / \ /\________________________________|
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