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Summary: WWW site framework

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  • Summary: WWW site framework

    A while Ago,
    I requested some help for the creation fo our web site. First of all,
    thanks a lot to all who replied. Below you'll find all the replies but
    those offering a professional help in creating the web site.

    However, the only think which came close to my request of a framework for
    whole site is probably that of the University of Brussels. We are using
    their "Canevas" as a reference.

    IF anybody has time to waste, it would be nice to have a prefab site, just
    drop picture and text in.

    Thanks a gain


    *****************ORIGINAL POSTING*******************
    Dear All,
    I am in the way of creating the WWW site for my lab. Since I do not enjoy
    this task, and I do not feel particularly creative, I was wondering if
    anybody has a site skeleton with some style pages to share with me.
    I apologize if you'll see this message out of place on BIOMCH-L. The
    reason I've post it here is that I assume my site would quite simialr to
    many of yours.

    Thanks in advance


    ps: a section of the WWW site will be entitled BACK2THENET!!

    *************ORIGINAL REPLIES*********************
    You should download something like AolPress (
    It will make editing and creating a web page very simple.


    Hello Marco,

    Here at the University of Brussels, the Computer Department asked our
    university members to follow some specific rules and models to make all our
    stuff homogeneousi (actually very few people respect it, but anyway the
    backbone exists and is available!).

    It's unfortunatly in french (maybe you understand it!), but the models and
    icons are universal, so ...

    Here are the addresses:

    -----> These are the main rules and have some useful links to
    english sites for HTLM grammar.

    ------> A collection of icons (arrows, home and so on ...).

    --------> A collection of forms you just have to fill in
    to make your own pages.

    Now, remember (you probably know this, but I still tell you for surety) if
    you find a WWW site with a nice presentation or some nice features you
    like, you just have to save this particular page on your hard disk, then to
    edit the file with a TXT editor to look how the file is written. You can
    then alter the file for your own use.

    That's how I created my own page (you'll see I haven't respect the rules
    asked by our administration).
    Feel free to copy my page structure (if you like it!).

    It's at:

    Also, I put a bunch of icons at:

    Please, help yourself!

    I hope this will help you!
    Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need further informations!


    Serge VAN SINT JAN, Ph.D. |
    phone: + 32 2 555 63 25 (office) Dept. of Anatomy (CP 619) |
    + 32 2 555 63 76 (secretary) University of Brussels |
    fax: + 32 2 555 63 78 808 Lennik Street |
    email: 1070 Brussels - Belgium |


    I have created a www site for my lab, and others have commented that it is
    reasonably nice and organized. The url is listed below. Feel free to use it
    as a skeleton for your page.

    Edwin DeMont, Ph.D.
    Biology Department
    P.O. Box 5000
    St. Francis Xavier University
    Antigonish, Nova Scotia
    Canada B2G 2W5


    Hey there!!!
    Go to and they have some very useful tips on html as
    well as frames....


    Constantinos Theodorou 76 Nikolaou Plastira 195 Sycamore dr. J-4 14671 Nea
    Athens GA 30606 Greece (Hellas)
    ph. (706) 546-6547 ph. (301) 807-1478


    i just went through the same process a couple of weeks ago and have finally
    got my site up.

    Here are a few tips:
    1. Download source file (.html file) from a page that you like., If you are
    using netscape or inetexplorer, you can 'see document source' and that is
    an easy way to get Java code, pure html formatting etc.

    2. Try some of the graphical packages for writing html - i used AOLPress
    and did not write a single line of html code (except when i wanted to do
    something other than the program would let me). There are other GUI
    packages. Also Office97, the Microsoft package of MSWord, etc allows you to
    take formatted documents and directly translates them into html and saves
    them as html documents.

    3. The most important (and timeconsuming) task in creating the home page
    starts before you even begin html 1) what do you want to put on the
    website? 2) how do you want to present it? And very important: Keep in mind
    that the users may not access your pages in the sequential order that *you*
    have in mind...

    Good luck.
    If you need more detailed help, i would be glad to offer my (limited)

    Good luck
    Shreefal Mehta

    Shreefal Mehta, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor,
    Dept of Radiology -9058,
    Univ of Texas Southwestern Medical Center 5323 Harry Hines Blvd.,
    Dallas, TX 75235
    Phone: (214)-648-2397
    Fax: (214)-648-2991

    Check it out:

    Laboratorio di Tecnologia dei Materiali tel. 39-51-6366865
    Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli fax. 39-51-6366863
    via di barbiano 1/10, 40136 - Bologna, Italy

    Tiger! Tiger! Burning bright in the forest of the night,
    what immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry?
    Opinions expressed here do not necessarly reflect those of my employer