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Biomechanics conference

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  • Biomechanics conference

    Dear colleagues,
    Please inform all interested in the Conference.
    National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine
    Ministry of Education of Ukraine
    Ministry of Health of Ukraine
    Institute of Applied Problems of Mechanics
    and Mathematics named after Y.S.Podstrigach
    Fundamental Medicine Department of Kharkov
    State University
    Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics
    named after N.I.Sitenko
    Ukrainian Scientific Industrial association
    Association Institute of Engineering and
    Clinical Problems of Medicine

    Information letter N 2

    We invite you to take part in the work of Scientific
    practical Conference in biomechanics, which will take place in
    Kharkov on the 2nd - 3d of october, 1997.
    Abstracts of the reports will be published in "School of
    Fundamental Medicine Journal". The main scientific directions
    of the Conference are the following:
    - biomechanics of movement
    - biomechanics of locomotor system and bones
    - biomechanics of soft tissues
    - biomechanics of heart and blood movement
    - biomechanics of artificial organs
    - biomechanics of sport
    - analysis of electromagnetic activity of the organism
    - modelling of physiological processes
    - analysis of pictures
    - analysis of medical biological data and the results
    of observations
    - computer technologies in biomechanics
    For taking part in the conference theses of the reports
    are required to be written in English.
    The volume of theses must not exceed 1000 signs including
    gaps. The headline of the theses should be in block capitals.
    The name, second name, surname, the name of the institution,
    city and country are typed as the second line.
    If the name of the institution includes the city name, do
    not indicate the city. The text of the theses is published as
    a new abstract. To simplify the work write the headline of the
    theses, initials and surname, name the city and the country in
    Russian under the text of your theses.
    All publications will be free of charg/
    For participation in the work of the Conference it is
    necessary to send to the Organising Committee the theses of
    your reports by E-mail to the address:
    not later than 30 june,1997. If you don't have the opportunity
    to use E-mail, you can send your theses in disc to the address:
    Ukraine, 310077, Kharkov, Svobody square,
    Kharkov State University, department of
    Fundamental Medicine, Organising Committee
    (the disc will be returned). The confirmation of receiving
    your theses, information about including them info the program
    of the Conference will be send by your E-mail address or your
    post-office address.
    Telephone/Fax for information:
    Cochairmen of the Conference - Victor Birbuk, Boris Kantor,
    Myckola Korhz, Alexander Martynenko, Zoya Mitileva, Alexander Sitenko,
    Myckola Yabluchansky.

    Name: M.Yabluchansky
    E-mail: my
    Date: 23.06.97
    Time: 15:28:45

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