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center of pressure normalization

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  • center of pressure normalization

    Dear all,

    I am examining Centre of Pressure displacements (C of P) of normal adults
    during different reaching tasks. We are investigating whether anticipatory
    postural adjustment are made prior to initiation of movement. We are using
    MacReflex to record kinematics, a KISTLER force plate to measure both
    ground reaction forces and C of P displacements, and EMG for recording
    neuromuscular activity. Our experimental protocol has subjects perform 13
    lifts for each of five weight conditions. Between the different weight
    conditions, the individual steps off the force platform and back on for the
    next lifting task. We try to ensure the same foot position for each trial
    and for each subject. However, to control for intra- and inter-subject
    variability which may arise from the different weight conditions and
    different foot positions on the force plate, is some sort of normalization
    protocol necessary when analysing C of P displacements. I want to correlate
    peak C of P displacements with peak grip force and load force using a grip
    force transducer created for this experiment. A summary will be forth coming.

    Aurelija Jucaite
    Motoriklab, plan -1
    S:t Göransgatan 141
    112 81 Stockholm
    Tel: +46 (0)8 672 47 01
    Fax: +46 (0)8 672 49 15