Dear Mr Crandall

Due to some system failure I have lost your Email on 24th June

Regarding Tri-axial transducer I would appreciate if you would

send it to me again. I send my original question in case!




I really need some detailed answers to my questions. Also any
questions or suggestions regarding this research are welcome .

I am currently working on design and development a tri-axial
transducer (13mm^2 & 3mm thickness) using piezo-electric film.

I think this transducer has many applications, one of which I am
aiming for to measure the step by step in-shoe tri-axial pressure (a
vertical and two shears) instantly. The system will be flexible so that
more then one transducer can be used at the same time under each foot.

I have few questions that I am looking for answers, I will be happy
and grateful if somebody up there that cad help me answering some
of my questions:

1. Are under foot in-shoe Tri-axial measurements (Vertical-Shear)
medically significant? Why? (please explain)

2. What the measurements results expected to show the professional ?

3. I have problems calibrating the shear components of
the transducer with at least 98% accuracy and measuring the
cross-talks. Do you know of any system that can help ?

4. Are there any other applications that a Tri-axial transducer can
be used for (medical or non-medical) ?

Your help will be appreciated.

Thank you

M Razian

University of Kent
Medical Engineering Lab.