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Deceleration of bikes!

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  • Deceleration of bikes!

    Dear BIOMCH-L Readers!

    Two years ago my younger brother had an accident with his bike
    caused by a car. The insurance company stated now that he was to fast
    with his bike, otherwise he should have been able to stop before
    crashing into the car. The company said that the bike can decelerate
    with a rate of 5 m/sec^2. I did some theoretical investigations
    yesterday and found out, that the theoretical rate deceleration is not
    limited by the friction between street and tyre but by the geometrical
    position of the centre of gravity. The maximum deceleration is limited
    by tipping over the front wheel. In this special instance the maximum
    rate of deceleration is 4 m/sec^2.

    Now comes my question to the biomch-l comunity:

    "Does anybody out there know about measurements on maximum
    rates for decelerations of bicycles?"

    If you have such information, please contact me via email.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    (Univ.-Ass. Dipl.-Ing.)

    Institut fuer Mechanik; TU-Wien Fax.: (++43 1) 587 5863
    Wiedner-Hauptstrasse 8-10/3251 Tel.: (++43 1) 58 801 - 5524
    1040 WIEN - AUSTRIA E-Mail: bodo @