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    Dear Biomch-L readers,

    While motivational aspects are not a highly ranking topic at ISB-13 or in
    Biomechanics/Movement Science in general, it is a valid topic of concern.
    Thus, any comments from the Biomch-L readership would be welcome!

    Regards -- Herman J. Woltring (TELNETting from ISB-13 in Perth, W.A.)

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    Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1991 10:28:00 +8:00
    From: Christensen_SA@CC.CURTIN.EDU.AU
    Subject: Mood and Olympic hopefuls in 1992
    Sender: Exercise and Sports Psychology

    10 December, 1991.

    Dear Colleagues,

    This is a request for assistance.

    I am interested in examining the perceived changes
    in mood of several elite athletes during the 1991 calendar
    year. These athletes include several Australian Olympic
    hopefuls. My interest is to record the perceived mood changes
    during the preparation for, conduct of, and aftermath of the
    Barcelona Olympics.

    I write to the list, firstly to communicate my interest
    in the area and to encourage discussion with researchers who
    have been involved in similar research. Secondly, to ask for
    Sportpsy subscribers to suggest references useful for such a

    Please post information to my personal email address to avoid
    inconveniencing other subscribers with cluttered email accounts.

    Mr. Steven Christensen
    School of Psychology, Curtin University of Technology,
    G.P.O. Box U 1987, Perth, Western Australia, Australia. 6000.

    Tel: 09-351 2758, Fax: 09-351 2464.