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    Financial support for a PhD thesis student, starting september 97.

    Two professors at the University Geriatric Institute of Sherbrooke
    University, Quebec, Canada, are offering funding for a PhD program that
    will deal with an experimental and theoritical analysis of posture and gait
    as applied to an elderly population. The theoritical part will deal with
    modeling, the relevant dynamic equations of motion, investigating dynamics
    stability concepts, carrying simulations, etc. The experimental back up
    investigations will be carried out using the current available lab
    intallation and a newly designed posture platform. Students with a good
    engineering or physics sciences background would most likely be best
    prepared for such a mixed program. The University of Sherbrooke is a french
    language institution and graduate courses are normally adressed to a normal
    graduate class are given in french. On the other hand, while we expect the
    student to eventually communicate in french, it is not a absolute
    requirement during the first year.
    The funding comes from Canadian granting agencies and priority will be
    given to Canadian students, but foreign students applications are
    encouraged. You may address initial enquiries through Email or fax to Paul
    Bourassa or Francois Prince at 819-829-7149.