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Summary: displacement transducer for swimming ideas

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  • Summary: displacement transducer for swimming ideas

    I N T E R O F F I C E M E M O R A N D U M

    Sensitivity: COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Date: 04-Jul-1997 03:19pm AES
    From: Monica Daley
    Tel No:

    TO: _smtp%""""""

    Subject: Summary: displacement transducer for swimming ideas

    Thank you to everyone who was able to suggest some way of determining the
    displacement of a swimmer quickly and non-invasively in start and turn

    Some of the responses given include:

    * the use of ultrasound
    * fishing line attached to the swimmer and a small dynamometer
    * a similar system with a light cable from the swimmer to a deck-mounted drum
    * video analysis with markers

    Unfortunately, none of these ideas suited want we wanted because they were
    either too invasive, hindered the swimmer in some way, or were too time

    As a result we have developed our own system which utilises a micro-camera
    which tracks the swimmers head which is mounted on a tripod with a
    potentiometer. Our programmers have written a software package which calculates
    the displacement of the swimmer when triggers are pressed (at desired events).
    The system is currently being used quite successfully with the AIS swim squad
    in the USA.

    Again thank you for your suggestions

    Monica Daley
    Biomechanics Department
    Australian Institute of Sport