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how to define upper limb technical array?

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  • how to define upper limb technical array?

    I'm a doctoral candidate, preparing for thesis experiments, and am faced
    with the question of whether to use individual markers mounted on definable
    "landmarks" on the upper limbs, or whether one is better using
    technical arrays of markers on a common base. While individually mounted
    markers are generally self-explanatory (except how to define the
    limb segments based on the surface markers), I wonder
    how to mount, stabilize and place technical array groupings.
    I am assuming the arrays would be placed on the upper arm, forearm and
    My questions are:
    1) Schmidt et al. (1994) suggest using "foam rubber", and elsewhere I have
    read of neoprene. Sounds HOT. Why not a lighter material like tubigrip
    (cotton-rubber bandage material)? Would the flexibility of such a
    material allow too much individual marker movement?
    2) How are the arrays mounted and stabilized on differently sized arms
    - are markers on the arrays moved to be proportionally located similarly
    on small and large segments?
    - does consistency of marker placement on the "base" material matter if a
    "calibration" is made with markers over joints?
    - what assumptions of joint centres does such a calibrating technique
    3) What information would potentially be lost by using technical arrays
    rather than individual markers?

    I will be using a 3 camera VICON 140 system for recording arm
    movements during activities of daily living.
    Your suggestions and comments are most appreciated. I will post a
    summary of the replies.

    Nancy Black __|~_)_I__)_|~_
    PhD student, Institute of Biomedical Enineering, University of New Brunswick
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