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    >Rep 1 is the most dangerous for a pectoral tear in that the muscles and
    >tendons are not warmed up yet. As soon as the muscles and tendons are
    >warmed up or limbered, then they will function more efficiently and
    >possibly with greater force.

    This is an argument for proper 'warming' of involved tissues and rehearsal
    of the movement pattern. I do not believe it speaks to the original
    question. I took that question to ask:

    In a 10RM bench press, is a pec tear more likely to occur during the first
    repetition or the last?

    My initial reaction is that it is unlikely in either event, but all else
    being equal (i.e. normal ROM, controlled technique, no adverse tissue
    conditions, well rehearsed practice of the lift, suitable recovery from
    training, etc) the 10th repetition is the more likely of the two. I say
    this because the initial load on a 10RM lift will be about 70 - 75% of the
    single rep max. This is a challenge, but not an enormous one. After nine
    reps enough force production capability is lost that the load has now taken
    on the relative characteristic of a 1 rep max load against fatigued pec
    major. This may produce higher strain per fibre or at least the selection
    of less adequate fibres, thereby producing an increased risk of tear to the
    prime mover.

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