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    >From a motor control point of view, the following notice might be particularly
    interesting for our readership.


    Herman J. Woltring (via TELNET from The University of Sydney)

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    Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1991 08:51 EDT
    From: Dennis Carmody
    Subject: FBI Workshop; The Netherlands
    X-Organization: St. Peter's College, US

    Date: Mon, 16 Dec 91 13:30 MET
    Subject: workshop FBI

    Functional Brain Imaging Workshop

    On June 8, 1992, immediately preceding the 3rd International Congress
    on Brain Electromagnetic Topography, a didactic workshop will be
    organized in Amsterdam by The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and
    Sciences on "Functional Brain Imaging". Such a workshop seems
    appropriate since recently many rather non-invasive techniques have
    become available for functional brain anatomy in man. Since these
    techniques were developed quite independently from each other in
    research areas with little or no interaction, we believe that a
    workshop devoted to the pros and cons of each of these imaging
    techniques might be useful.

    Specialists on PET- (Lammertsma), SPECT (Todd-Prokopek), MRI (Andrew),
    MEG (Hamalainen), EEG (Scherg), Temperature T (Shevelev), and optical
    imaging techniques (Grinvald) have been invited to give up-to-date
    reviews. All speakers have been asked to address the same questions
    in their lectures, like: what is the localization precision of
    the method; what is the resolution of the maps in time and space;
    can the maps be correlated with anatomical structures; can the method
    be applied clinically, etc. The workshop will conclude with a lecture
    on 3D-imaging (Viergever) based on examples of the reviewed brain
    imaging techniques. Apart from the invited methodological lectures,
    there will be the possibility for the participants to present
    applications via poster presentations, as indicated in the attached

    Lectures and a selection of poster presentations will be published
    in a special issue of the "Journal of Physics in Medicine and Biology",
    fully devoted to this workshop.

    If you are interested in this workshop, please contact me for program
    and registration form:

    Prof. H.Spekreijse
    Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute
    P.O. Box 12141
    1100 AC Amsterdam-ZO
    The Netherlands
    fax: (+31) 20 - 6916521