Hello all,

As many of you know clinical motion analysis by and large alludes to
clinical gait analysis. Therefore clinical application of motion analysis is
predominanatly confined from the pelvis down. There has some work done on
the trunk modeling which has been incorporated into the clinical gait
analysis routine for some labs. With that said, I am intersted if anyone out
there is doing routine clinical motion analysis on upper extremity motion
including the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, trunk, etc. And if so, where are
the markers placed and how is the information used for surgical, orthotic,
or occupational therapy intervention. With gait analysis, the protocol is
fairly straightforward, the patient or subject is simply instructed to walk.
Does anyone have a protocol for upper extremity motion tasks? And lastly is
anyone performing upper extremity motion as a billable outpatient procedure?
I thank you all in anticipation of any information and feedback.

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