I would like to add a question to the end of Steve's query....

Has any reseearch been performed on upper body motion during walking while
carrying in various postures (ie. shoulder carry, head carry, 2-handed in
front, carry at side)?


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On Thu, 10 Jul 1997, Steve Vankoski wrote:

> Hello all,
> As many of you know clinical motion analysis by and large alludes to
> clinical gait analysis. Therefore clinical application of motion analysis is
> predominanatly confined from the pelvis down. There has some work done on
> the trunk modeling which has been incorporated into the clinical gait
> analysis routine for some labs. With that said, I am intersted if anyone out
> there is doing routine clinical motion analysis on upper extremity motion
> including the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, trunk, etc. And if so, where are
> the markers placed and how is the information used for surgical, orthotic,
> or occupational therapy intervention. With gait analysis, the protocol is
> fairly straightforward, the patient or subject is simply instructed to walk.
> Does anyone have a protocol for upper extremity motion tasks? And lastly is
> anyone performing upper extremity motion as a billable outpatient procedure?
> I thank you all in anticipation of any information and feedback.
> Steve
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