look at Van Walsum's work with the digital tendon of chickens. He had an
interesting procedure.

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Ariel wrote:

> Dear All
> I plan to do in-vitro tensile loading on tendons.
> The tendons I am using are digital dog tendons.
> I plan to grip the tendons by making a knot at the end of the tendon and
> put the tendon through a conic hole so the knot will be stuck inside the
> conic hole.
> The knot should also "lock" the internal structure of the tendon.
> In relation with the setting I have presented above, I have two
> questions:
> 1) Form the literature search I did, I couldn't find any source in which
> tensile loading experiments were done on digital tendons, neither from
> dogs or any other animal.
> Could someone give me any reason why not to use these tendons?
> 2) I also didn't find any reference in which the tendon was tied in a
> knot.
> Could someone give me a reason why not to use this method? (aside from
> the possibility of rupture of the tendon in the area of the knot because
> of breakdown of fibbers) .
> I'll be very grateful to get any comment on this subject.
> Arik
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> bmesver@tx.technion.ac.il
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