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Classification Norms

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  • Classification Norms

    I am conducting research investigating the relationship between the
    vertical jump and the Olympic lifts. Their is surprisingly little
    quality research out there on this area; especially given that those
    lifts are used extensively in athletic conditioning. As a result, I
    have turned to some of the older research from the former Soviet Union
    and am attempting to integrate this work into my literature review. I
    have run into a problem; the Soviets used a classification system for
    their athletes. This system does not have a counterpart in America. The
    Soviets had several classifications for their weightlifters: unrated,
    Class III, Class II, Class I, Master of Sport, and Master of Sport
    International. Many of the subjects in their studies are Class I
    or higher. The problem I've run into is that in order to use some of
    their research, I need to know how their athlete qualifications compares
    to those used in the Western studies. Does anyone out there know what
    the qualification norms were (or are) for the various Soviet
    classifications? Or, does anyone know where I can find those? I have
    checked through Medvedyev, Roman, Laputin, not to mention many of the
    Weightlifting Yearbooks. I am unable to find this anywhere. I realize
    that the norms probably change often, but it would still be good to have
    a reference point.
    Thank you for your help!
    John Cissik, CSCS