Below are the replies to a request for information on the use of
radars/lasers to determine real time running speeds of athletes. We are
grateful to all the respondents.

1. Alexander Aurin

We developed a laser method to determine real time sprint/running speeds
and several other parameters from athletes in 1977. Our method was used
by the USSR National track and field sports team for several years
including the preparation to the 20 Olympic Games. We published several
papers and obtained patents:

Aruin, A.S., Raitsin, L.M., & Balachnichev, V.V. (1980) Utilization of =
optical quantum generators (lasers) for controlling sports technique, =
Teorija i Praktica Fizitcheskoj Kulturi (Theory and Practice in Physical =
Education), 9:8-14 (in Russian)=20

Raitsin, L.M., Aruin, A.S., Poltorapavlov, N.V., Kvorov, V.A., & =
Beletsky J.E. (1981) Method for investigating characteristics of =
movement of athletes, Teorija i Praktica Fizitcheskoi Kulturi (Theory =
and Practice in Physical Education), 12:51-52 (in Russian)=20

Patent USSR # 669371 MKI2 G08B 13/18 (1979) Device for control of the =
crossing of a light border/ Aruin, A.S., Balachnitchev, V.V., = Z
atsiorsky, V.M. & Raitsin, L.M.

Patent USSR # 754727 MKI2 A61B 5/10 (1980) Device for measuring the =
characteristics of the stride/Zatsiorsky, V.M., Raitsin, L.M., =
Balachnitchev, V.V. & Aruin, A.S.=20

Patent USSR #705978 MKI3 A61B 5/10 (1980) Device for measurement of =
temporal and linear characteristics of the stride/Zatsiorsky, V.M., =
Aruin, A.S., Raitsin, L.M. & Balachnitchev, V.V.=20

If you are interested in obtaining copies of the mentioned above materials
please provide me with your mail address. I will be happy to send them to

2. Tim Wrigley

Turk-Noack 1994. Field trial of the LAVEG laser diode system for kinematic
analysis in various kind of sports. ISBS Budapest.

3. Kit Vaughan (and Jesus Dapena)

Vaughan and Matravers 1977. A biomechanical model of the sprinter. Journal
of Human Movement Studies. 3, 207-213.

4. Hans Gros

Try contacting Dr. Juergen Krug ( who has used the
Laveg system for approach velocities in gymnastics vaults.

5. Jon Fewster

ISB 95 paper by KIHU, the Finnish Institute of Olympiv Sport

6. Doric Swain

Margy Galloway at the N.S.W. Institute of Sport has used laser for
velocity measurement of runners

Ian Fairweather (via Dr.Con Hrysomallis)
Department of Human Movement
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