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Upper extremity strength and comfort

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  • Upper extremity strength and comfort


    I have been searching the literature for force production limits of the
    upper extremity, specifically related to operating controls with the hands
    and fingers. After searching the Biomch-L archives, I have two requests:

    1) Does anyone have any study results, book references, or journal articles
    which report maximum hand and finger strengths for tasks OTHER than gripping or
    pinching with the wrist in a neutral (straight) posture? There are probably
    hundreds of studies on pinch and grip forces, but what about pushing buttons or
    levers and twisting knobs or finger wheels while the wrist posture varies? I
    am looking for these limits for various ages, genders, and global populations.

    2) Any suggestions or citations for converting maximum efforts to
    "comfortable" or "preferred" efforts? Not necessarily magnitudes which can
    be comfortably sustained for long periods of time, but efforts which could be
    as infrequent as two or three times a day.

    Any input is much appreciated and could save me from running countless
    studies to determine comfortable efforts in a multitude of postures!

    Thanks in advance for your replies, and I will try to post a summary of

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