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  • Applied Kinesiology Congerss Announcement

    Dear colleaques !
    We invite you to take part in the III International Congress of the
    Applied Kinesiology which will be led in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) 22-23.09.97
    and in the seminar on the Applied Kinesiology in pediatrics 24-28.09.97.
    The congress and the seminar are organising from Saint-Petersburgs Pediatric
    Theme: 1) The diagnostics and the therapy of malfunctions
    extrapyramid system of children.
    2) The diagnostics and the therapy of malfunctions of the
    vegetation and circumferential nerve-system in the pediatrics.
    3) The role of electromagnetic and ionic malfunctions in
    formation neirologic disorganisation of children and adults.
    We will be very glad if you take part in the Congress and give a lecture.
    If you are ready to come could you report by FAX (812) 245-40-85 or by E-
    mail: or (for Pilyavsky)
    following information about you: name, birthday, the place where you born,
    citizenship, the country and address, # of the passport, the limitation of its
    action, the name of the organization which you represent and your post.
    We will be glad to send to you the official invitation.
    Best regards,
    Organization commettee Yaroslav Bobko