Hi, all. I guess I didn't have time to introduce myself, yet.

Okay, my name is Dave, and I am 16. I am very interested in
science(bio and chem) and math. I know I don't have Ph.D
or I am not expert in biology in any means. But I am planning
to go to good university (I really want to go to Cal Tech) and earn
my Ph.D in genetics and few others from science/math, hopefully.

: Yeah right! Whatever! In your dream, Dave!

: Dave, you can do it! We will help you!

: Thanks, guys!

Untill then, I will mostly read the mails, rather then writing them. However,

I am doing a reserach on human cloning and I have found few references.
I still want some more information. Please send me any information about
cloning. For example, I need to know detailed procedure on cloning sheep,
and other trivia and general information(or even where to look for them)
about related subject.

Thanks for your help.



Please e-mail me to Dave510@aol.com
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