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ESB-92 abstract submission by email

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  • ESB-92 abstract submission by email

    Dear Biomch-L readers,

    On 2 October 1991, I posted an announcement for the upcoming Eighth Meeting
    of the European Society of Biomechanics, to be held on June 21 - 24, 1992 at
    the Scuola dello Sport -- Coni in Rome, Italy. If you do no longer have this
    posting, you can retrieve it by sending the one-line request


    either interactively or by email (main body; Subj.: line is irrelevant) to

    Following a discussion this morning with the Conference organiser, Dr. Aurelio
    Cappozzo at the Universita di Roma "La Sapienza", an additional facility for
    submitting material by EMAIL is now being provided. Please note that the sub-
    mission deadline is 31 January 1992, with notification of acceptance to be
    mailed from Rome on 10 March 1992.

    In the conference brochure as summerized last October and obtainable from the
    Conference Secretariat in Rome, the following statement is made on pp. 12-13:

    | CALL FOR ABSTRACTS (please follow the instructions carefully)
    | Both a long and a short abstract, written in English, are required.
    | Preferred format: the two abstracts should be submitted as an ASCII ("text
    | only") file on a flexible disk (DOS or Macintosh). Please include also a
    | printed/typed version of the abstracts in the format outlined below. As
    | for the long abstract include figures, tables, and equations submitted as
    | line drawings or black and white glossy photographs to size. Flexible
    | discs will be returned at the Meeting.
    | Alternative format: if an ASCII file is not provided, please send just the
    | printed material as mentioned above. The abstracts will be retyped central-
    | ly. In this case, the organisation of the Meeting cannot assume any respon-
    | sibility for copying or typing errors.
    | Heading. It should include the title of the paper, name of the authors,
    | affiliations.
    | Manuscript. It should be a maximum of *120 lines* in length, *55 characters
    | per line*. This includes the text proper, tables, equations and figures.
    | Headers within the text should be preceded by one blank line. Indent six
    | spaces at the beginning of each paragraph. SI measurement units are to be
    | employed.
    | Figures and tables. Provide tables, line drawings and black and white
    | photographs *with a maximum width of 8 cm*. Figure/table number and caption
    | must be included in the figure/table. Figures/tables will be reproduced
    | in the original size. In order to calculate the length of your text, note
    | that each 3.5 mm of figure/table height occupies one line of text (see the
    | equation below).
    | Equations. Unless equations can be typed with a standard typewriter,
    | provide them as if they were figures (see above).
    | References. Use the instructions of the Journal of Biomechanics. Reduce
    | references to a minimum and use only references to journal and book pub-
    | lications.
    | Length of Text. Thus, the number of lines (55 characters per line) of
    | your text proper will be
    | L = 120 - (total figure/table/equation height in mm)/3.5
    | The short abstract should be submitted as an ASCII file in the same flexible
    | disk as the long abstract.
    | Heading. It should include the title of the paper, authors and affiliations.
    | Text. It should be a maximum of 27 lines in length, 55 characters per line.
    | No figures, tables, or equations are permitted. When possible, avoid refe-
    | rences.


    Since transmission of non-ASCII material by email is rather difficult at the
    present time (using scanners and coded formats, the technology is available,
    though), I have arranged with Dr Cappozzo that I shall be happy to collect
    any emailed ASCII material (until 31 January), and forward this to an email
    contact point in Rome currently being established. Since regular mail to
    and from Italy can be problematic at times, it is hoped that this additional
    facility may help in boosting the success of the 8th ESB meeting.

    Please send both the long and the short abstract, together with a completed
    version of the appended Abstract Submission Form to me as indicated below,
    but *NOT* later than 31 January. Paper versions will NOT be processed by me,
    but it might be advisable to back up your email material by sending regular
    paper copies by ordinary mail to the Conference Organisers in Rome. If you
    decide to do so, do inform the Organisers that you have choosen email in
    lieue of diskette transmission, and do let me know that you have done so in
    the abstract submission form below. Also photographs, figures and tables/
    formulae in figure format should be sent to the conference organisers direct-
    ly, and not to me; also this should be stated in the form below.

    EARN/BITNET/CREN users may send their short and long abstracts as individual
    NETDATA files to UGDIST@HNYKUN53.BITNET, with the Abstract Submission form
    as email to the same address; others may submit all such material as three
    individual email notes (with distinct Subject: lines, please!) to the same
    address or to UGDIST@NICI.KUN.NL .

    N.B.: All other communications (Registration Form, Hotel Reservation Form,
    Post-Congress Sightseeing Tour Form) should be completed and sent
    directly to the Conference Organisers. I presume that this could
    also be done by fax if time is at a premium, but it would be advi-
    sable to back this up by a regular airmail letter.

    With kind regards,

    Herman J. Woltring, Brussellaan 29
    NL-5628 TB EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands
    Tel. +31.40.480 869, fax +31.40.413 744
    For: ESB-92, Rome/Italy


    Eighth Meeting of the European Society of Biomechanics
    Rome -- June 21 - 24, 1992


    Surname: ____________________________ Name: ________________________________

    Title: ____________________________

    Mailing address: __________________________________________________ __________

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________

    Postal code: ________________________ City: ________________________________

    Country: ____________________________ Email: _______________________________

    Telephone: __________________________ Telefax: _____________________________


    __________________________________________________ ___________________________

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________

    (subject to Scientific Committee acceptance)

    __ Oral presentation __ Poster presentation


    __ Soft Tissues __ Animal Locomotion
    __ Hard Tissues __ Masticatory Mechanics
    __ Fluids, Cardiovascular System __ Applications in Neurology
    __ Human Articulating Joints __ Applications in Ergonomics
    __ Muscles, Motor Control __ Applications in Sport
    __ Bi-Articular Muscles __ Applications in Orthopaedics
    __ Postures and Movement __ Applications in Rehabilitation
    __ Spine __ Techniques
    __ Human Locomotion __ Biomaterials
    __ ________________ __ ___________

    Requested Audiovisual Aids: _________________________________________________

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________

    Paper copies sent to Rome Conference Secretariat: y/n, Date: _______________

    Figures etc. sent to Rome Conference Secretariat: y/n, Date: _______________